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The world's Largest Dinosaurs VR experience - You will find yourself in the reality of dinosaurs, you will see the world as it was 65 million years ago. Feel it by your own skin!
January 11, 2023

Ready for an unforgettable journey back in time?
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Visit Roboland Orlando! The most innovative and truly amazing robotic show!
January 20, 2023

Spending the day at the Robotic Show and loving every second!
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Who we are
and what we do

BisConcert creates unique experiences for individuals and companies of all sizes.

A full-service event management company - you can rely on BisConcert to deliver for every occasion.

We started small in Moldova in 1999 and, with every year, we continue to grow stronger, bigger and better. Now we organize memorable events all over Europe and even in the US.

  • Concerts and exhibitions
  • Conferences and fundraisers
  • Global award ceremonies
  • Dinner galas
  • Networking and marketing events
  • Private parties and weddings
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Product launches
And countless other pleasant, interactive gatherings with BisConcert!
If you think your event is too small - we can help.
If you think your event is too big - we can help.
If you think your event is almost impossible to organize - WE CAN DO IT.

BisConcert has 20+ years of experience in the industry, planning and delivering successful events of different scales. We have a strong team of artists, entertainers, writers, designers, videographers, technicians, planners and marketers. We know what works in this industry and what does not, and have the expertise to help you create a successful event that meets your specific creative needs, as well as your budget.

We focus on creating bespoke experiences for companies and brands, providing truly unique services impossible with any other agency. We cover everything: from event logistics and DJ services to sound and light production. By choosing BisConcert, you can work with one reliable, experienced team for all your events without needing to find new vendors each time you want to organize something new.

BisConcert brings together the best talent, expertise, and technology to help clients achieve their goals. We are proud to have partnered with: Da Vinci Inventions, Julio Iglesias, Seal, Cesária Évora, Lara Fabian, Till Lindemann, Joe Cocker and many other great celebrities, brands and companies.
Our clients choose us for three key reasons: laser focus on clients’ business goals, excellent level of service and passion for work. Every event will receive a magical touch from BisConcert. If you’re looking for a luxurious, high-end corporate event or a small intimate party with close friends, an extravagant wedding or an entertaining conference - we are ready to help.

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